F#: Exercise 1 of 4

exercise 4 for a major
Memorizing the fretboard
Date posted: 17 December 2023


Absorb a mental-mapping of the F#-major scale: [i] in groups of 3-notes per-string across the 6-strings, vertically; then [ii] chaining together groupings of those 6-string chunks across the fretboard, horizontally.


  1. Sing/speak every note-name aloud while (or moments before) plucking them
  2. Play in-time with a metronome ensuring zero errors
†: this is the ingredient that builds the neurological/brain link, assigning the exact fret a "name" to later remember & visualize it by. It's as challenging to do as it is effective; without this, it renders the exercises and fretboard memorization method fruitless

‡: an analogy is lifting weights, where the tempo you can: (a) speak note-names aloud and (b) play in-time, is the achievable "weight" to bench-press. Pushing the "weight-limit", aka increasing the tempo, determines how firmly the neurological/brain connection of the fret<-->note-name is achieved.


  • "Get it off the paper".. practice without having to read the sheet music
  • Start with a tempo (bpm), any tempo, no matter how humiliatingly slow, to immediately satisfy the 2 requirements

Estimated time

1 week

Note reference

(The note-names of the F#-major scale)