Spanish tuning

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Tuning the guitar
Date posted: 20 December 2023


Spanish tuning is simply the bottom 5-strings of Vestapol tuning, plus an extra 5th in the bass. When transcribing songs, common clues that the guitar part is in Spanish tuning include hearing that low-5th interval on the open 6th-string, and bottleneck slides into the 5th-fret of the 1st string with vibrato (being the root note).

Also similar to Vestapol tuning, Spanish tuning has 'slang' names, being known as Open G & Open A tuning. While these names certainly work, it might be better to refer to them as Spanish tuning in different pitches, since you can technically have Open A and Open G in Vestapol and other tunings.

i) F# B F# B D# F#

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iii) Eb Ab Eb Ab C Eb