Vestapol tuning

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Date posted: 14 December 2023


Boiled down to the basics, Vestapol tuning is simply a major barre-chord in Standard tuning, played off of the 6th string. Because of that, the string tension of Vestapol is higher than Standard tuning, if the low 6th-string is an E-note. It's often healthier therefore for the guitar's neck if lower-pitched versions of Vestapol (DADF#AD & below) are chosen for lengths of time longer than a day or two on the guitar.

In a conversational way, Vestapol tuning is also commonly known as Open D & Open E tuning (à la Blind Willie Johnson or Derek Trucks). However, there can also be Open F, Open G, Open A, Open B, etc tunings which are still Vestapol since the relative string intervals are what matter.


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iii) DADF#AD

iv) Db Ab Db F Ab Db